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givethemtheblood asked: Uhm, I just wanted to ask. Where could I get some of these dresses?

So far I’ve posted my stuff from Modcloth, Romwe, and some from Blackmilk Clothing :)

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Coach Tour Dress!

This adorable dress comes in a variety of colours!


toouglyforchanel asked: Where can you buy the Double-breasted Skirt Trench-Coat?

You can buy it here! :)


It’s on sale too!

Cosmic Sea Dress!

Field Daydream Dress

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Must Be Lucid Dreaming Blazer

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falloutby asked: I just wanted to say that I love this blog <3

Thank you so much!!! I really wonder what you guys think of my choices!! I try to make the time I can for this blog and put my work into it :(

I’m really glad you do! Have a cute gif of Kimbra! <3


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